Winter sports experience for everyone

NO Handicap

"No one should be discriminated against because of his disability" 

 therefore the Austrian ski schools have offered snowsport without handicap for some years. Whether alpine skiing, Nordic skiing or snowboarding, the shared winter sports experience with family and friends has no obstacles!

The resulting technical development of adapted equipment and tools in competitive sport ensures relatively easy learning of skiing, also for moderately fit people, whatever the nature or severity of the disability. Thus, the fascination of snow sports is no longer withheld for this group.

No-Handicap Rollstuhl-Skifahrer
barrier-free winter holiday

Appropriate Training

Thanks to the increased coverage of the great successes of athletes with disabilities in European and World Cup, World Championships and the Paralympics, disabled skiing has experienced significant growth and popularity in recent years and motivates more and more people with disabilities wishing to learn skiing. It is very pleasing that the both Austrian ski instructors’ associations and also the association of Tirolean Ski Schools have justified this development and through the appropriate training of its snow sports instructors allow people with disabilities a barrier-free winter vacation. Basically it makes no difference during lessons if you teach people with or without disabilities, the methodical and didactical principles are the same for all.

Ski instruction procedures

for people

  • with amputations and limb damage
  • who are visually impaired
  • with cerebral palsy
  • who are hearing impaired
  • with mental disabilities
  • Seated Skiing
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