Tyrolean Ski Instructors Association


is the professional representation of the interests of the Tyrolean ski schools, ski, snowboard, trend sports and cross-country skiing instructors, ski and snowboard guides as well as self-employed ski attendants.

Paid snow sports lessons may only be practiced by persons who have the appropriate professional qualifications. These professional requirements can be acquired through various training modules. We have been commissioned by the Tyrolean state government to conduct training courses in preparation for the various snow sports instructor exams.

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Our trainings


The safety of the guests comes first. The provision of safety training in the first training module, up to a globally recognized alpine training, is a very important part of our training.

Supply & Demand

The constantly changing demands of the guests must be covered by an appropriate offer. The structure of our curricula and content is therefore constantly adapted to current customer needs. This ensures that a TSLV trained snow sports instructor can apply knowledge of the latest developments in snow sports.

Modular training

Our training is structured in modules. This makes it possible to complete “tailor-made” training according to the needs and wishes of the individual.

Opportunities for Graduates

There are around 210 ski schools in Tyrol, which look after around 0.6 million customers per season. Tourism is the fastest growing market in the world. Many millions of euros are invested in the expansion of our ski areas every year. Tyrol is therefore a very popular destination for all guests who are enthusiastic about snow sports. In particular, the demand from guests from the new EU member states is increasing enormously.

Sport & Pleasure

Our guests in Tyrol not only want to enjoy the beautiful nature, but also want to be active in sports. The demand from Tyrolean ski schools for well-trained snow sports instructors is therefore very high.

training quality

In our experience, the decisive factor for the success or failure of an application to a ski school is the quality of the training. With us you will certainly not get the cheapest training, but one of the best in the world.

Therefore, compare the various offers with regard to the training content offered.

seasonal demand

The season in Tyrol begins in mid-December and ends - differently for the individual ski areas - after Easter. The times with the highest demand are the holiday periods. The profession of snow sports instructor is therefore also very suitable for pupils and students.

the possibilities

career path

The training starts with the snow sports instructor part I (candidate training) up to the qualified snow sports instructor.

training steps